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If you're a small to medium sized business or a business investor looking to expand your business into the U.S. market,
AmLaw Group can help.

AmLaw Group was created to make legal and related business services more accessible, effective, and affordable. AmLaw's practice is focused on providing substantive value and ensuring client satisfaction.

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Learn more about what thousands are discovering to be one of the fastest and most reliable ways to acquire permanent residency in the U.S.: EB-5 investor visas.

Why use an EB-5 visa to get a green card?
  • No English language or educational requirements
  • One of the fastest and most reliable ways to acquire permanent residency
  • No waiting lines
  • Receive residency for yourself, spouse, and minor children all at once
  • Live and work wherever you choose
AmLaw provides assistance with other types of business immigration, including L-1 visas, E-1, E-2, and other EB visas for professionals or business executives.
  • Visas for entrepreneurs opening subsidiaries or branches in the U.S.
  • H1-B and other employment-based visa applications
  • Removal proceedings and other overstay complications
Tax planning before becoming a U.S. permanent resident is a critical part of any immigration plans, especially for those with extensive overseas assets. AmLaw Group can refer its clients to experienced accountants and tax attorneys with specialized experience in creating structures for new U.S. permanent residents to optimize their tax exposure.
AmLaw Group solves the legal and commercial issues of overseas entrepreneurs and emerging companies entering or expanding in the U.S. market. AmLaw focuses on small and mid-sized companies from emerging markets that are seeking value-added legal services that meet their limited budgets for areas such as:
  • Incorporation and choice of entity issues
  • Commercial disputes
  • Business planning and government relations
  • Capital raising
"When I think of people and events I'm thankful for -- you're near the top of my list! I will always remember your professional, courteous, and thorough service and representation."
-- Ms. Savoy


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More Russians Considering EB-5

The continuing decline in the business and political landscape in Russia is driving more and more affluent Russians to look for more promising options overseas. The bright side? At least it's become more easy to report instances of bribes--there's now an app for that! 55% of wealthy Russian business people noted corruption as the number one problem facing their businesses, up from 4% in 2009, according to this survey cited in the Moscow Times. We have noted a distinct increase in inquiries from investors from Russia and that region of the world, as investors there are increasingly making back-up plans for their families' futures.


U.S. Senate Approved the EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program


On Aug 2, 2012, the US Senate reauthorized the EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program for three years by unanimous consent. Most observers are optimistic that the House will pass the same bill soon. Although immigration issues have been contentious recently in the US, House members had pledged to renew the pilot program if the Senate approves it. In addition, with high unemployment and a struggling economy, the House would understand the economic importance of reauthorizing the EB-5 program.
Once the EB-5 Regional Center Pilot Program is approved by both the Senate and the House, it will be effective for another three years.

Is EB-5 becoming too popular for its own good?

Applications under the program have strongly rebounded and may exceed the annual quota next year. FY2012 EB-5 visa usage is estimated to be approximately 6,200, which is approximately double from the prior year. If this growth rate continues, the EB-5 visa quota of 10,000 visas will be exceeded next year for the first time for the entire existence of the program. (Download)

Road Show to China

Our clients have spoken loud and clear, and we have responded. We are taking our first extended road trip to China to nearly half a dozen cities, from Beijing to Guangzhou and many places in between. We will be meeting not only with EB-5 clients but also other corporate clients seeking support for their expansion plans both in the US and China. Stay tuned from updates from Ground Zero for the EB-5 market and the world's economic dynamo.

China and American higher education

As this article in the Washington Post recently hightlighted, the Chinese elite have an unsatiated appetite for American higher education (and judging by their choices, they have very high standards and are willing to pay for it). This phenomenon underlies the increasing interconnectedness between the US and Chinese economies, especially when compared to other BRIC countries. Moreover, it also reflects part of the drive behind the dominance of Chinese investors among EB-5 applicants. And as this article discusses [highlight Geib article], there are no signs of this trend abating in the near future.

AILA EB-5 conference

Join us at the AILA EB-5 conference in the Bahamas on April 20-21, one of the largest meetings of top EB-5 attorneys and Regional Centers under one roof (God forbid any disasaster strike the hotel during the event or that would spell the end of the EB-5 program). If you are interested in setting up a one-on-one meeting, please contact me.